Friday, July 13, 2007

New technologies

Today I began researching a new technology called the iCommunicator for my emerging tchnology PowerPoint presentation.
The iCommunicator is a tool that was developed to increase literacy for the Deaf and facilitate communication between hearing and Deaf individuals. I have reviewed the website and links provided by the manufacturer and this looks, on the surface, to be the most amazing machine since sliced bread. It has even been featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. This seems too good to be true so I thought about its use in a classroom and read some blogs to see what real users are saying.
I think this product has real advantages and disadvantages . I will be talking more about these in my presentation so I will keep you guessing as to what they are.

I was glad to here that some classmates posted information on their blogs regarding APA format since I have never used that before. I even misheard what it was originally, I thought I I heard, ABA. I would have been lost looking for that.

I have also begun thinking about what I will do for the lesson plan. I think I may teach how to do an interactive story in PowerPoint ( that may take too long to do in one hour) or well, I'm still thinking.
Enjoy your weekend.

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