Monday, July 16, 2007

July 16, 2007

I enjoyed all of the discussions we had in class today about technology in the news. The most upsetting was the article about a family that was so engrossed in playing video games that their children were starving. It is just so hard for me to imagine how a person could get so involved with on line gaming that their children were allowed to stave. I heard a report on NPR that said addicts sometimes strengthen their addiction when there is an endorphin release. Maybe these parents were having and emotional connection made to the game. I still wonder how a connection to a game could be stronger than the connection to the welfare of their own children.
After talking about distance learning I checked the SUNY NP catalog for online courses taking place in the fall. I was surprised that there were none listed at the graduate level.

The emerging technology presentations have been very interesting. I didn't know anything about open and closed source programs. I wonder what kinds of programs will be created in the future that would be open source if there is no financial benefit for the creators. I want to do more reading about electronic voting as a result of what Vincent was saying. Here are some links:

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jody said...

I read the article about the parents who neglected their kids almost to the point of starvation while they played Dungeons and Dragons. It is pretty horrifying. I have a seventeen year old son who becomes totally wrapped up in his favorite on-line game, World of Warcraft, so we have had to set firm limits. While I don't think he is as out of touch with reality as this couple must have been, I worry about what he will do when he is off on his own.