Friday, July 13, 2007

NYSCATE survey

I just received a link to a survey from NYSCATE, NYS computers and technology in education. They are planning a conference for downstate NY and they are looking for input.


Anne said...

Thanks for wanting an invite to my international runway show. I, too, want an invitation. Right now I am a full time grad student, but can't wait to start working and have an opportunity to do something fun and educational like this, and to get paid too:) I definitely can't wait until that part starts. The college years definitely leave you broke.

Nicole said...

I really loved your presentation today about iCommunicator. I found it especially interesting because I work at a high school that has about 10-15 deaf/hearing-impaired students who have translators in classes. I took an after-school workshop to learn some sign language as well as ASL culture and usage, so I knew exactly what you meant when you were discussing the disadvantages of iCommunicator. Again, excellent job!

Gwinyeo Kwak said...


I really liked your presnetation today. I've never heard iCommunicator before. I hope we can have it soon in Korea for students who needs special aids.