Thursday, July 12, 2007

WebQuests and websites

Today we showed our WebQuests. There were many creative ideas. All of last night's work paid off and I think I will create more WebQuests in the future.

My husband is a photographer, , and I have seen him put hours into his website. I hear him talking on the phone helping friends set up their own websites and those conversations go on for hours too. I think part of the difficulty is that they are working with images that have to be presented in a very professional style, this is their art that they want the world to see.

After seeing Gene's experiences with his website I was not sure what to expect with today's assignment. I was pleasantly surprised with how, after a few questions, I was able to create a very basic website. I emailed my technology department at school to find out how I can use it on our school's intranet. I did say in the site that I would be updating it weekly. After listening to some ideas from Janet, that might be too ambitious a project. I think I will change what I said to check back here often for updates. I will also change the link to the opening page to the standard home label.

We also talked about copyright issues in connection to the images we use in websites. I've noticed that photographers will often specifically say that all images on the site are copyrighted. they will also but words across the photo so that it can't be used. We really need to respect the work that photographers do by not using their images without permission.


Anne said...

The picture at the top of my blog is from the Chapel on Vassar's campus, in Poughkeepsie. That's where I got married. I took that picture of the stained glass becuase I thought it was so beautiful! Did you like it? :)

Vincent said...

I have done some basic html programming in the past for the purpose of developing websites. Although, there is much more functionality in doing html programming, it is much more time consuming and not user friendly at all. I was quite impressed by how easy this NVU program made it for people to create their own website and even more impressed by how quickly the class was able to create basic websites for themselves or their class (great job). I encourage teachers to use this program or those like it to at least post something like extra homework on the internet for their students. It is free and not time consuming, I am impressed.

Anne said...

My mom always tell me to do the same thing (to take one life one step at a time and not forget to breathe). Thank you for the advice. I'll try to carry it with me throughout the rest of this course :)

Janet said...

I hope your school Web page works out well. If you state that you will update it once a month you should have not trouble. If you find you have time to update it more often, you always can.