Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well, if I thought yesterday was a bit overwhelming, toady was more so! We discussed several topics today where I felt comfortable such as PowerPoint and Digital Storytelling. I was following along and feeling fine, then we got to WebQuests.

I don't have any experience with WebQuests, so before class this morning I checked some of the links from our class information. I felt overwhelmed looking at the webQuest format and samples. How could I come up with an idea for a good project, learn the correct format and complete one by tomorrow? I didn't think it was possible an hour ago. I did come up with an idea and Ms. Luch gave me some hints on how to get started. Her idea was to create 6 blank slides in PowerPoint and then begin to fill them in. She said once I created the task the evaluation would fit right in with that. The process and resources were a good match to work on together. I had spent a lot of time just creating the opening page rather than getting to the task at hand. I think that was because I was avoiding the next step, the actual WebQuest creation. After talking with Ms. Luch I think the rest of the process will be doable, at least that is my hope.

While I was attempting this new task I began to think of my students. It made me remember to think about how I approach new tasks with them. I try never to say, "Oh, this will be easy for you to do," because it may not be for them. Just because I grasped a concept right away doesn't mean that they will. I think it is better to say, " We will go through this step by step and make sure you understand each part."

This class is challenging me to try new things everyday and although it can be overwhelming at time, if I remember to breathe, I can do it.


Rachel said...

Your webQuest was great! All of your hard work paid off. I too felt overwelhmed with the webQuest creation but now that the work is completed I can't wait to implement it. Good Luck with your class and the sign games.

Janet said...

It was especially interesting to me to read about how you related this learning experience to the way your students learn new things in class. That shows great insight and empathy!

Gwinyeo Kwak said...

I feel like I wanna be one of your students. I am interested in teaching disabled students English. Your WebQuest shows great way I can teach them.