Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday July 18, 2006

More interesting discussions today. I wonder how freedom of the press and speech are being influenced by technology or how the freedoms are being limited? How can schools limit what you say on a blog if it is not slanderous? Are standards different for teachers?

I have used Inspiration with some students with learning disabilities and found it very helpful. Many of these students are much more willing to use the technology rather than a pencil and paper. they like the graphic quality. It makes it easier to move on the the outline section and begin writing.

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Nicole said...

I found the discussion interesting as well today. I, too, am confused about how schools can limit what is said, though it always seems to come back to one fact...teachers are always held to much higher standards than the rest of society. By the way, it has been great sharing this class with you for the past two's hard to believe that it will be over soon!